Since 1954, Celtys, a subsidiary of the Quéguinier Group and based in Brittany, France, has been developing, manufacturing and selling a large range of concrete products designed for the construction and the landscaping industries. With 4 plants in operation, Celtys has been relying on its experience and its standing as one of the leading suppliers in the French market boasting a daily production that exceeds 1,000 tons of products. ISO 9000 certified since 1993, Celtys has been building its growth and reputation on a specific quality approach system in order to provide its customers with products that comply with these standards in terms of reliability, safety and environmental protection aspects. In fact, the company’s product range offers numerous advantages in terms of aestheticism, product features and sustainability that enable Celtys to accompany any kind of project – from the simplest to the most advanced.

The company Steeco, based in Ryiadh, is currently managed by Suliman Al-Turki and has managed to achieve a strong positioning in the precast industry in Saudi Arabia. Renowned for combining high quality product and regular product innovation, this manufacturer has experienced an exponential growth through continued expansion of its product line. As innovative manufacturer, Steeco regularly invests in its production equipment in view of enhancing its manufacturing process as well as launching new product on the construction and landscaping market in constantly evolving. Steeco manufactures concrete blocks, paving stones and kerbstones within multiple format and color. Thiscompany has sollicited for the first time the equipment manufacturer Quadra in 2010. Equipped with a basic mobile machine at this time, Steeco makes a first step by commissioning an automatic production line including an efficient block machine type Q6. Fully satisfied with the production outputs, and convinced in the reliability and the performance of the equipment provided by the french leader in the manufacturing of concrete production equipment, Steeco further develops its influence and makes a new bold decision by entrusting once again Quadra for the planning, the manufacturing and the commisionning of a new large-scale full plant.

All concrete plants of Chausson Matériaux are equipped with production units made by Quadra, and a new partnership was signed between these two companies for the design, engineering and commissioning of a new full-scale plant located at Cavaillon in southern France.

Concrete fences have become outdoor decoration component increasingly valuable and popular in the field of landscaping realisation. Nowadays smoked and sophisticated, concrete fences benefit from great texture, and keep improving their appearance through regular innovation. This growing market led the manufacturer Rousseau Clôture to replace one of its production lines. Headed by Mr Le Strat, this French company, leading player in the precast industry for more than 20 years, owns 8 production lines. Its whole range of products, recognised as high-end concrete fences on the market, is manufactured in its plant based in Domloup (Bretagne).


To meet the requirements of the market, a key concern for the concrete manufacturer is to succeed in reconciling flexibility, productivity and safety, while offering an ever-larger range of high-quality products. It is known that manufacturing plants produce according to their stock and the specific orders they receive. However, quantities and type of product are increasingly variable. In order to react to their customers’ wishes, concrete manufacturers have to change their production several times during a shift. However, this operation has a big impact on the production. On the one hand, the overall manufacturing process is affected in that the production changeover involves a production shutdown which adversely affects the rate of production. On the other hand, this operation affects the labour force during the handling of moulds, exposing them to hazards and frequent work-related accidents.

As a market leader offering a complete line of interlocking concrete paving stones, architectural paving slabs, precast concrete products, and segmental retaining wall systems, Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls, based in New York, has steadily increased its output and product offerings to further secure its dominant position in the concrete industry. To address these concerns, the company has invested in a fully automatic factory from Quadra for the production of wet cast products. Quadra’s challenge was to design a versatile production plant to produce a board range of products with a sensible layout.

Created in 1992 and based in Dammam, Khaleeg stands for high-class quality concrete products and is currently considered to be the main supplier for the precast industry in Saudi Arabia. As part of its extension, Khaleeg has commissioned Quadra to deliver and install a new production line including the vibrating presses, the transfer and curing devices and the automated cubing system. Thanks to its wide range of products, Khaleeg is able to offer a large selection. Its products (insulating blocks, building blocks, pavers, kerb stones, etc.) are available in various sizes and colours. This company therefore pays great attention both to the quality and performance of its equipment and installations.

Creative concrete has always been at the heart of the development and diversification strategy of the company Hermet. The company is accentuating further its efforts in this direction by putting up a new Quadra plant. This plant is fully automatic for the production of wet-cast ,products. This is the 10th wet-cast unit installed by the French manufacturer. Quadra is continuing to develop this activity on the basis of these achievements. The construction of these materials from the study to the full manufacturing is made in Quadra’s facilities. The company Hermet wanted to manufacture a wide range of products such as tiles, slabs, pool edging, wall coating, fences plates, window sills, natural stone aspect, etc … in industrial rate. The facility had also to offer pleasant working conditions in a quiet atmosphere. The challenge was to build a highly technical plant in an existing environment while having a functional and rational implementation. The company Hermet was born in the middle of the vineyards of Gaillac. Its activity is spread over four sites covering the region of Midi Pyrenees and Languedoc-Roussillon in France.