Highly versatile wet-cast machine: more than 100 different product references daily manufactured

Founded in 1949, the company Daulouede has progressively achieved a strong position as a leading manufacturer of concrete products in the South-West of France. Currently comprising 6 plants, Daulouede is specialized in manufacturing concrete fences, window sills and other concrete products designed for landscaping (slabs, pool coping stones etc…). As the key customer of the company Ateliers du Loir, Daulouede has naturally solicited the manufacturer of equipment Quadra that acquired the company Ateliers du Loir in 2010. This range of equipment is designed for perfectly performing the automated precast production of concrete products by means of semi-dry demoulding, wet-cast demoulding, and mixed wet and semi-dry production. Quadra applies its renowned expertise in automated processes and its longstanding know-how of manufacturing special machines in view of offering the most suitable manufacturing solutions for the concrete industry.