Fabemi invests in a new model of vibrating press with high production capacity

The quality and the manufacturing excellence are the particular strengths of the group that focus on using the best manufacturing technologies. Following the realisation of manu projects with the manufacturer of Equipment Quadra, Fabemi renewed its confidence in his partner with the modernisation of its plant of hight capacity of production. The technical challenge perfectly taken up by Quadra was the integration of a new generation vibrating press within an existing plant, in reusing some Equipment.

The thorough study and in-depth analyse carried out by Quadra enabled the new block machine to manufacture a volume of production that was never reached, without being disturbed or slowed by the other Equipment. In order to make use of the performance of the block machine, Quadra has recommended to replace the traditional palletising equipment with a modern Equipment fully automated and robotized and removing all the hydraulic functions. This new cubing line consists of three robots operating simultaneously, following the cycle time of the vibrating press, within operating condition combining precision, speed, flexbility and reliability.


Fully customized and automated cubing of concrete products

The manufacturer Basalite provides complete product lines including structural block, interlocking paving stones, wall systems, ornamental and garden products with customized shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, and are renowned for their durability, sustainability and beauty.

This focus on customization and quality led Basalite to the Equipment manufacturer Quadra. Having opened its US subsidiary in 2016, Quadra Usa Inc commited to study and understand the products and manufacturing processes for concrete products in the US. Now Quadra Usa Inc has full time dedicated technical staff and sales team as well as local spare parts inventory.

After a visit to France to see Quadra’s headquarters and several Quadra block plants in operation, the Basalite team were impressed by the technical solutions provided by Quadra un terms of block machine, handling solutions and robotic cubing systems. One of the brand leaders in France for more than 20 years, Quadra supplies fully automated production plants, typically supervised by only one operator, without any manual operations. These were exactly the kind of solutions Basalite was looking for.

For the new cubing line in Dupont, Quadra designed something completely different than any other solution available or currently being used in the US plants today. In order to create a fully automatic solution, with only one person on the line for quality control, Quadra designed a line with 3 robots avant several product conveyor and pushers.


Fully automatic wetcast stone

A family-owned company based in the South of France, Fabemi has been combining know-how and innovation since 1961, making it one of the most important players within the French market. With 14 plants spread throughout France, the Fabemi Group has been expanding its production thanks to innovative technology. Initially, Fabemi was known for the manufacturing of concrete blocks. Since then, the group has widened its production. Under the brand names Bradstone and Carré d’Arc, Fabemi currently produces and delivers a large range of wetcast products designed for the landscaping market: slabs, pavers, copingstones and garden products, retaining walls, and wall coverings.

In order to boost its competitiveness, enhance the quality of its products and avoid repetitive and painful tasks for its operators, Fabemi has invested in the full automation of the production line based in Donzere and exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of wetcast products. To achieve this technological leap Fabemi has established a partnership with the French equipment manufacturer Quadra. Currently, only 4 operators manage the complete production process, from the mould cleaning, oil application and concrete filling through to the curing, demoulding and palletizing of the finished product. Equipped with a modern handling system, the plant is fully automated and achieves high versatility. All the items of equipment provided have the ability to adapt their system to the multiple product formats. This is the main innovation. To do so, an RFID chip is integrated in every pallet and identifies the type of the product. Accordingly, this RFID chip controls the oiling settings, the concrete dosing, the automatic introduction of balls on the back of the products, the product reference printing, and the demoulding and palletizing conditions with high precision.

This innovative system was developed and implemented by the supplier Quadra. This is a unique process, since up to now no device has been able to adapt to successive and changing mould formats in real time. More than 4000 manufacturing recipes are recorded, handled and automatically incremented. The production line and all stations permanently and automatically switch into all recipes .


Fully automatic demoulding line commissioned in the United States: speed, versatility, and handling precision

Rochester Concrete Products is a third-generation family business, with mortarless concrete manufacturing and construction expertise dating back to 1914. Specialised in residential and commercial landscaping products (slabs, pavers, retaining walls, edgers, outdoor living kits, site furnishing, etc.), Rochester Concrete Products manufactures and distributes some of the most respected brands in the hardscapes industry, such as Interlock Concrete Products, Silver Creek Stoneworks, Rockwood Retaining Walls, Necessories Outdoor Living Kits, Rosetta Outdoors, Keystone retaining wall systems, Techniseal, Alliance Gator, Snap Edge Paver Restraint, AWS Pedestal System, Strata Systems and Super-Stik. The reputation of this group relies on the premium quality of its products, which combine beauty, durability, efficiency and sustainability. This is of high importance for Rochester Concrete Products to continually develop new products and services that exceed the social and environmental requirements of America’s landscapes.


Performance, product quality and flexibility: vibrating press of high capacity set-up in Dominican Republic

Renowned for combining high-quality products and product innovation, the company BC Suplidora, manufacturer of concrete products, has been a key player in the Dominican Republic. Based in Santo Domingo, BC Suplidora has decided to increase and upgrade its production facilities in order to cater to a fast-growing market. This manufacturer was looking for a supplier able to assist the company in the achievement of its ambitious objectives in terms of performance and production capacities. BC Suplidora commissioned the French equipment manufacturer Quadra to install a complete production plant, fully automated, including the latest technological advances. The requirements were related to the flexibility, the performance and the efficiency of the equipment provided, with a view to outperforming and offering further enhanced products, and efficiently meeting the growing needs of the customers. The new production unit was also the opportunity to enable BC Suplidorato to extend its range of products. BC Suplidora aims to specialize in the production of concrete kerbstones and to position the company as one of the pioneering manufacturers on the island for this type of product.


A multi-skill partner: commissioning a high-performance block making machine and a fully-automatic precast production line

Since 1954, Celtys, a subsidiary of the Quéguinier Group and based in Brittany, France, has been developing, manufacturing and selling a large range of concrete products designed for the construction and the landscaping industries. With 4 plants in operation, Celtys has been relying on its experience and its standing as one of the leading suppliers in the French market boasting a daily production that exceeds 1,000 tons of products. ISO 9000 certified since 1993, Celtys has been building its growth and reputation on a specific quality approach system in order to provide its customers with products that comply with these standards in terms of reliability, safety and environmental protection aspects. In fact, the company’s product range offers numerous advantages in terms of aestheticism, product features and sustainability that enable Celtys to accompany any kind of project – from the simplest to the most advanced.


State-of-the-art concrete block production facility

All concrete plants of Chausson Matériaux are equipped with production units made by Quadra, and a new partnership was signed between these two companies for the design, engineering and commissioning of a new full-scale plant located at Cavaillon in southern France.


Fully Automated mould change in a block machine: new patented system

To meet the requirements of the market, a key concern for the concrete manufacturer is to succeed in reconciling flexibility, productivity and safety, while offering an ever-larger range of high-quality products. It is known that manufacturing plants produce according to their stock and the specific orders they receive. However, quantities and type of product are increasingly variable. In order to react to their customers’ wishes, concrete manufacturers have to change their production several times during a shift. However, this operation has a big impact on the production. On the one hand, the overall manufacturing process is affected in that the production changeover involves a production shutdown which adversely affects the rate of production. On the other hand, this operation affects the labour force during the handling of moulds, exposing them to hazards and frequent work-related accidents.


Fully automatic wet cast plant for a versatile production in the United States

As a market leader offering a complete line of interlocking concrete paving stones, architectural paving slabs, precast concrete products, and segmental retaining wall systems, Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls, based in New York, has steadily increased its output and product offerings to further secure its dominant position in the concrete industry. To address these concerns, the company has invested in a fully automatic factory from Quadra for the production of wet cast products. Quadra’s challenge was to design a versatile production plant to produce a board range of products with a sensible layout.