New manufacturing plant with high-capacity vibration press in the USA

Equipped with all modern and proven components, this facility was designed to meet the requirements of the Basalite company.

Basalite traces its roots back to 1936 in Napa, California.

Today, Basalite is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in the western United States and Canada, including structural blocks, interlocking pavers, segmented retaining systems, and landscaping products.

This complete new Quadra plant is located in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

Quadra’s presence in the US

It was in 2017 that Quadra decided to export its know-how to the American market by opening a subsidiary; Quadra USA Inc.
The presence of an experienced technical and sales team, and an on-site spare parts department have greatly helped it to grow by offering local, quality customer service.

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