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Concrete block milling developped by Quadra (patented system).


A whole range of machine :

Rectifieuse à bandes abrasives
Rectifieuse à disques diamantés
Rectifieuse à rouleaux diamantés

Applications of the machined block :
Constructive system with milled blocks, assembled by a very thin horizontal glue joint : save of time during masonry wall construction, construction quality, clean working place
Self coffering blocks, dry mounted before being filled with concrete

Setting up
Milling out of the production line : handling of rough products, milling, milled block cubing
Milling in the production line : rough products taken off from lowerator conveyor, put through the machine to be milled and directly cubed on transport pallets

Easy integration of the material:

Simultaneous milling of both sides of the blocks (patented system), compact and rational process

A design type tooling machine
Conceptual precision : dimension of machine is dimension of block
Continuous milling : maximal productivity

Cleaning and maintenance operation
Easy accessibility
Quick changing tool

Nuisance treatment
• Aspiration, efficient treatment of machining dust through their localization in a reduced space
Soundproofing on a reduced area