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A wide range of product can be manufactured such as:

- Concrete products for agricultural buildings;

- Drainage elements like channels, manholes and manholes covers;

- Environmental elements;


According to the customer requirement, QUADRA is able to propose the most appropriate solution in term of products quality and aspect, productivity, automation and human working solution.

Automatic filling and vibration station

The mould is set on a fully electronically controlled vibrating table. The vibrating frequency and force are automatically adjusted according to the cycle progression: filling, compaction or finishing. The concrete is stored in a hopper. A belt conveyor is bringing continuously fresh concrete into a feeding box. This feeding box is moving in longitudinal direction over the mould and a rotating arm is guiding the concrete to fall into the mould. Then according to the product type, a finishing is performed by a trowelling disk, a top frame or a tamper head. No physical work is required at this stage by the operator. The filling and the finishing are performed by the machine which guarantee a constant quality and cycle time.

Demoulding phase and products curing

The tilt crane sets a returned empty pallet on the mold. The mold and the pallet are clamped by the tilt crane, raised and returned by 180° at the demoulding station. The pallet is released and the mold rises slowly to demold the product. The mold is then repositioned and returned by 180° to the position of vibration for the next cycle. The pallet supporting fresh products is then handled by a storage crane to be stacked. The storage crane takes a plate supporting products for dry place to palletization station. Quadra provides its expertise for all phases of the process for the manufacturing of immediate demoulding products. The production lines are fully customized and can be upgradeable with some manual operations and some other automatic or fully automatic.